Must Love Dogs

Well, you’ve all heard about the movie “Must Love Dogs.”It’s the tale of two souls who find each other in the most likely of places – on an Internet dating site! Years ago, we were all glued to the screens as Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks fought each other in one life while making love over instant messaging in “You’ve Got Mail.” The times have changed and love online is much more common than it was then.

I couldn’t name a single Internet dating site when Hanks and Ryan graced the theatre screens of the world. Back then, love online was mostly orchestrated through chat rooms. Now all you have to do is take a look at this site to see how much the landscape has changed. But what is it that it’s saying?

What it’s saying is that you must love dogs! It’s saying that the world has changed and so has our idea of romance. If you’re single and not on a dating site, you’re missing out. If you wait much longer, you’ll be kicking yourself wondering why you never tried it before! Forget any notion of romance as you’ve known it. You thought picking someone up in a bookstore was cute? Perhaps finding true love in a bar was your idea of love at first site? Digital love has its own romantic connotations that you may not have thought of, in part thanks to movies such as “Must Love Dogs.”

“Whether you’ve seen “Must Love Dogs” or not, the movie is saying something.”

There is something for everyone in the world of online dating. The Net has been flooded with sites trying to pick apart society and place them into little niches. The mentality goes a little something like: since there are Asian people, we need a bunch of Asian dating sites. There are single parents? They need sites as well! People who like to work out need a date, too? Fine, we’ll make a site for fit people! This is the mentality that companies that are building portals for love on the Internet today share, and it is good news for all of us.

Whether you’ve seen “Must Love Dogs” or not, the movie is saying something. It’s saying that dating online is mainstream. It’s saying that people need to pay attention if they haven’t already. It’s saying that the industry isn’t going anywhere so you’d better get online before Mr. or Ms. Right passes you by for your more-connected neighbor. Check out some of the reviews in the left hand column and see if something fits. With any luck we’ll be seeing your digital romance covered on the silver screen sometime soon!

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